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What if…

You need an interactive tool that educates and guides your client through a complex offering?

The project

Carlisle Homes set a new standard for customer experience in the home building industry. As a result, they’ve established themselves as market leaders and the go-to business for exquisite homes in sought after locations.

The home building and land procuring journey is often filled with headaches and stress. Luckily for those looking for their dream abode, Carlisle Homes offers a service that simplifies the process. It enables customers to choose where they want to live, which home they want to build, and ultimately create their perfect package

To take their fabulous customer experience to the next level, Carlisle Homes needed a way to make this offering more informative and interactive

The solution

Guided by the principles of education and interaction, we created a tool that would enhance the Carlisle Homes customer experience.

Dubbed the Home and Land Package Generator, it transformed the customer’s exploration and understanding of the offering. The customer progresses through the Generator, selecting their requirements, budget, design, and land location.

After the customer has selected their dream home, they receive their home and land package. The customer is also provided with a price point for what their home will cost.


Don’t take our word for it...

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Brian Jackson

Operations Manager Salvos Stores

The proof


users educated within 6 months on the price-point of where they wish to build


increase in house and land related lead generation

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slider image

The impact

The Home and Land Package Generator became an integral part of the customer’s sales journey. Forget flipping through a dog-eared brochure; customers are immersed in an interactive experience that personalises the home building process while providing crucial decision-influencing information. This provides them with a fun experience and managed expectations.

Carlisle Homes gains invaluable insight into customer engagement through the Home and Land Package Generator. Informative data from the tool is captured, such as user selections on budget, location and home preferences.

Carlisle Homes’ packaged offering made the home building journey a breeze. Our Generator elevated it into an effortless and gratifying experience.

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