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Carlisle Homes provides a fully immersive experience through their acclaimed Spectra Showroom, now enhanced further by the Annix team for remote exploration.

Before meeting with Carlisle's interior designers, customers can preview an extensive range of external, internal, and electrical products via Spectra Online. This user-friendly tool facilitates effortless browsing, favoriting, and list creation. Once selections are made, customers submit their favorites to a Spectra Consultant, who guides them through details during subsequent appointments. This streamlined process, made possible by Spectra Online, enhances efficiency for both customers and the Carlisle team, offering a convenient and effective selection tool.

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Browse, Select and build a unique look

The new Spectra Online tool offers a vast range of exterior and interior products, providing finishes to help design the best-looking home a customer could want.

Select specific finishes for a unique exterior, such as brickwork, render, or cladding, and from there, add feature tiles to enhance the customer's desired look.

Inside the home, begin by making key selections like main flooring, wall color, cabinetry, and benchtops. Then, add accents like a splashback, tiling, staircase, decor, and fixtures.

Customers can also explore metal and tiled roof options, different front door styles, fascia and downpipe colors, and more to complete their façade and make it the envy of the neighborhood.

Transform business process with digital technology

Carlisle's digital solutions have become an integral part of their successful customer journey, and Spectra Online transforms business processes from manual entry and double handling to a seamless end-to-end solution. By addressing a key pain point in their operations, Spectra Online delivers much more.

Gaining invaluable insight into the customer experience is crucial in any customer-driven business. By utilising tools like Spectra Online to gather informative data, Carlisle not only streamlines its operations but also adds significant value to enhance the overall customer journey.

Third-party system integrations

Integrating third-party systems, generating PDFs, and sending email notifications were crucial elements to finalize synergies in operational improvement and deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Product data seamlessly integrates from Carlisle's internal systems and is then pushed to Spectra Online. Here, customers can actively engage, browse, and make their selections. This ensures that data is not just managed for business purposes but becomes a business imperative, maintaining its purpose without becoming just another thing for internal team to update.