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Home of quirky finds, incredible deals, and a worthy purpose, Salvos Stores is an Australian treasure.

With over 280 brick-and-mortar locations in Australia, Salvos Stores needed a central location to list products for sale online.

The same qualities that make Salvos Stores special also generated some challenges. The items located in the stores are one of a kind, which means they’re listed once, as opposed to a traditional online store, where multiples of the same product are held in stock. Another challenge was the considerable range in the skillset and technical knowledge of the Salvos’ volunteers.

It was clear that no ordinary cloud-based solution would fit the bill for the extraordinary Salvos Stores.

Custom Product Listing Tool

Our process began with a deep dive into the offline Salvos Stores process. The learnings from this discovery phase allowed us to create a blueprint outlining the most easily integrative process to list each item for sale online.

Now that we could see the road ahead, it was time for our development team to create a tool that would make this process come to life.

Uplister was born - a sophisticated yet user-friendly project management tool specially created for Salvos and their unique needs.

Uplister enables each physical Salvos Store across Australia to upload their unique items to the online hub. But we didn’t stop there! Uplister also allows Salvos Stores teams to see and keep track of the orders coming into their store and view valuable data-driven reports.

Uplister has changed the game for Salvos Stores across Australia.

Uplister allows individual Salvos Stores to handle their own online presence. From managing products, inventory, orders and more - it’s all done in Uplister.

We designed Uplister so that everyone would find it easy to use. From the online novices to the tech wizards, adapting to the platform is a quick and straightforward process for everyone.

With Uplister, Annix helped replicate the Salvos Stores uniqueness in one digital space!

New cost effective CMS and maintenance plan

A new cost effective CMS and maintenance plan that released our client from an over engineered solution.

Our partnership with Salvos Stores began in 2018. In our first project together, we took over the complete management of their existing site while we rebuilt it. We created a modern site that catapulted an Australian institution into the next generation of digital marketing.

Custom product publishing tool

Through other collaborations, we created a new headless CMS and Product Management Tool, which allowed over 200+ stores around Australia to list and fulfil products online. Our innovative technology has facilitated Salvos Stores processing of over 200,000+ orders to date. We also worked through marketing automation and digital strategy to help grow Salvos’ e-commerce offering.