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When we think of op-shop adventures, Salvos Stores are front of mind. At the apex of the brick-and-mortar thrifting experience, Salvos Stores wanted to replicate the second-hand fun in an online space.

With hundreds of stores across Australia, each with unique products, Salvos Stores wanted an e-commerce solution tailored to their unique business structure.

The front-end of the storefront needed to mimic a thrifting outing for the user, while the back-end would need to have a multi-warehouse function that allowed different locations to ship out orders. There also needed to be a solution process defined that would allow stores to fulfil orders and ship them directly to the customer.

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Create a unique solution entirely tailored

To bring the unique Salvos Stores op-shop experience to a digital space, our strategy was to create a unique solution entirely tailored to Salvos Stores.

With the Covid-19 lockdown creating an aggressive timeline, we got to work - fast. We created two e-commerce solutions within 18 months. The first solution was a preliminary storefront that brought Salvos Stores online, allowing the retention of staff and their good work to continue.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Our second solution was complex and authentic to the true Salvos in-store adventure. We designed a Progressive Web App (PWA) to deliver a fast and uncomplicated web experience for the user that was also easy to improve on for Salvos Stores. We included e-commerce features that deliver an excellent user experience, such as search, wishlist, collections, brands, and filtering options. So deal seekers and vintage collectors alike could find anything they were after, no matter how specific or obscure.

An immersive op-shop environment

Through design and user experience functions that replicated bargain discovery and encountering hidden gems, we replicated the op-shop experience in an online space. By further minimising those overtly commercial characteristics that are common amongst other retail businesses, an immersive op-shop environment is maintained for the customer.

Technically complex,
but we ensured simplicity

The e-commerce storefront we created allowed customers to thrift anytime, anywhere. We ensured that storefront isn’t just a pretty facade and kept user experience and feedback at the forefront of our design. For Salvos Stores, we improved the checkout experience through multiple iterations, using real-world A/B testing to identify the customer’s pain points. Salvos Stores are, of course, a charity first. So we decided to honour this by adding an upsell feature of optional donations at the checkout.

While our solutions were technically complex, we ensured simplicity for the client so their teams could work efficiently and easily with our solutions. In the case of Salvos Stores, we defined processes and techniques to ensure exceptional data management and structure, allowing Salvos Stores to quickly and easily push campaigns to the market.