About :: We promise a relationship built on trust, collaboration, and excellence.

Let’s take it back to where it all started — 2011.

Good friends Ash and James decided to put their complimentary talents to use in a joint venture. And so, YP Digital was born. When we first started, we specialised in developing websites for the home building industry. Since then, we rebranded as Annix and have expanded our range of services to deliver bespoke digital solutions to several fields.

Our Promise
and ethos

As your digital partner, we promise a relationship built on trust, collaboration, and excellence. Our team is committed to delivering results that not only meet but exceed your expectations. We stay with you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition and a successful digital evolution.

Our digital agency stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering bespoke digital services designed to catapult your business into the future. We don’t just change the way you use technology; we transform how you engage with your world.

We have helped numerous businesses achieve remarkable growth in the digital realm. Our portfolio spans various industries, each with its success story of how we transformed their digital presence.

Our capbilities

Strategy & Planning

User Experience (UX) Design

User Interface (UI) Design

Customer Experience (CX)

Video production

Motion Graphics


Mobile Apps

Data & Technology

Information Architecture

Motion Graphics

Web Development

Some of the clients we’ve worked with

Our Team

James Cotter


James is Annix’s co-founder and Digital Director. His extensive skills in the digital space and years of industry knowledge have helped shape the special service Annix prides itself on today.

After completing a degree in multimedia, James made the decision to go down the digital path. In his 25 years of experience, James has worked as a Designer, Developer, Producer, Head of Digital, and business owner. He is truly a master of all things digital.

In his spare time, James loves spending time with his family, globetrotting, and playing sports.

Ash Harris


Ash co-founded Annix Digital in 2012, motivated by a passion for stimulating projects, rewarding outcomes, and exciting video content. Before Annix, Ash worked as a school teacher and was the founder and director of a recruitment company in the UK.

Ash’s strengths lie at the intersection of business and creativity. He is a master of business development, understands talent, and loves bringing brand stories to life through video. Ash knows that great results begin with great people. He loves assembling a team of dedicated individuals with diverse talents and inspiring them to do what they do best.

Ash’s favourite pastimes include watching films, listening to music, working on his fitness, and spending quality time with family.

Matt Hinck

Lead Digital Producer

Matt brings his 20+ years in digital to Annix. Matt has done it all - he’s worked agency-side as a Business Analyst at a national consultancy firm and as Head of Digital client-side in the sports and entertainment industry. After studying fine arts multimedia, Matt built a solid career and skill-set working in an impressive range of industries. From his work in education to e-commerce and everything in between, one thing is always constant: Matt is committed to delivering digital solutions that elevate business offerings. Matt knows that digital solutions can be complex and challenging to understand. Nevertheless, he loves breaking them down to help teams and clients understand the value added.

In his spare time, you can find Matt cruising on a cycle, playing a game of soccer, working his green thumb, or deliberating on the dos and don’ts of composting. In 2006, Matt went on a cross-country journey of a lifetime. His grandfather was the owner of a K-125 truck with a whole lot of history - it was one of the first imported Kenworths to Australia back in 1965. The duo were driving the truck all the way to the Alice Springs Transport Museum. On the truck’s last adventure, they travelled over 2,100 km in less than 3 days and handed over the keys

Lydia Taylor

Digital Producer

Since Lydia joined the Annix team in 2017, her contribution has been tremendous. Exceptionally skilled in project and account management, Lydia runs the show when it comes to communicating with clients and scheduling our team. Before joining Annix, Lydia had studied film and television. Her interest in digital sparked a move to websites and marketing, where she worked in roles focused on social media and digital marketing.

Lydia’s favourite pastimes include perusing a literary tale, cooking a mouthwatering meal, and getting immersed in the gaming world. At 10 years old, Lydia attended a dance competition and won a pretty sweet door prize - a blue BMX bike. When the contest runners adamantly offered Lydia a pink bike rather than the blue, she refused. We love her for this.

Michael Ballantine

Digital Producer

Michael joined Annix at the end of 2021, bringing his front end development, design, and photoshop skills. With an analytical mindset, attention to detail, and ability to seamlessly facilitate technical discussions, Michael is a fantastic addition to the team.

Michael got into the digital industry after impressively teaching himself front end web development. He had worked in hospitality for many years and decided it was time to pursue a change.

Michael's favourite pastimes include travelling, playing video games, and crushing the slopes on his snowboard. In fact, Michael once spent over 100 days in one single year on the slopes. One of Michael’s most memorable injuries is a toe break that occurred during a trampolining x bouldering adventure.

Jacob Porteli

Digital Producer

Growing up, Jacob’s persistent passion for media influenced his decision to go into digital. He joined the Annix team in 2022 and is currently working in a graduate role.

Jacob is loving the opportunity to gain real-world digital experience at Annix. He is a master of client communication, content management systems, and Adobe Suite. Jacob’s excellent communication skills make daily interactions with clients a brilliant experience.

Outside of Annix, you can find Jacob gaming, cooking up a storm, or seeing the world. His mission in life is a very worthy one - to make all dogs love him.

Tony dos Santos

Lead Designer

Meet Tony, our Lead Designer, Art Director, and Creative Mind. With over 20 years in the industry, Tony has built a reputation for delivering cutting-edge work that captivates audiences and forges strong brand connections. His diverse experience spans from collaborating with small bespoke firms to major players in pharmaceuticals and FMCG. Hailing from Zimbabwe and now calling Australia home, Tony infuses his creative prowess into every step of the process, from UX design to crafting the look and feel, down to the finest detail. Beyond the design world, you'll find him chasing after his kids, embodying a perfect blend of passion and dedication.

Our Dev Team

Mark Lopez

Technical Lead Full Stack Developer

Mark has been part of the Annix team since 2014 as our Technical Lead Full Stack Developer. He studied Computer Engineering at Adamson University and impressively ranked top 10 in the qualifying exams.

In his free time, you can find Mark strengthening his mind through strategy games or meditation. Mark is also working on his fitness and getting into sports.

As a busy college student, Mark was once running late for a programming competition, leading him to miss out on the first and easiest round. However, this worked out in Mark’s favour. The subsequent rounds were much more difficult and had time bonuses, which allowed Mark to make up for his tardiness. In fact, Mark did so well in this competition that his professor allowed him to skip the programming exams for the rest of the year. Mark used the time saved to go mountaineering instead.

Richard Legaspi

Backend Developer

Richard brings his 15 years of experience in software engineering and deep understanding of computer science to Annix. He has worked with us as a Backend Web Developer for over 6 years.

In Richard’s free time, you can find him doing all sorts of outdoorsy activities such as cycling, running, and mountaineering.

Charmaigne David

Digital Content & Quality
Assurance Coordinator

Charmaigne, or ‘Chame’ as everyone calls her, is the Digital Content and Quality Assurance Coordinator at Annix. After completing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Chame completed multiple training courses specialising in web development. She is a master of her craft and has worked with Annix for seven years.

Chame recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and treasures the quality time spent with her. Before motherhood, Chame loved to travel and binge television shows. At five, Chame received an award for being a model. Immediately after, she fell and lost her tooth.

Darius Antonio

Full Stack Developer

Darius joined the Annix team in 2022 as a Full Stack Developer. He brings his deep understanding of information technology and experience in web and mobile development to the role.

When Darius isn’t working on development projects, you can find him travelling the world with his fiance in tow and swimming at glorious beaches. Back in high school, Darius was a member of his high school band. When the singer didn’t show up for a performance, Darius decided to step up to the plate. Unfortunately, the audience’s excitement quickly turned to disappointment. Darius has resolved to stick to musical instruments since then.

Dennis Guinto

Backend Developer

After studying computer engineering at Adamson University, Dennis joined Annix in 2014. He’s our fantastic Software Engineer who designs and writes software, mainly in PHP and JavaScript.

Dennis loves gaming and dabbling in the melodic side of metal music. He’s also a physics wizard, math magician, and history buff.

As a first-year high school student, Dennis decided to try his hand at chess. However, the daily after-school practices were too much of a commitment, and he decided to bow out after the first day. Luckily, Dennis found gaming and never felt the need to play a game of chess again.

Eddie Garcia

Backend Developer

After completing an undergraduate in computer engineering and an object-oriented programming course, Eddie has worked in website development since 2012. For over 5 years, Eddie has brought his vast knowledge to Annix in a Backend Web Developer role.

Eddie’s favourite past-times include playing the guitar, watching a good flick, gaming, and reading the bible.

If the name Eddie Garcia sounds familiar, there might be a reason. Eddie’s parents named him after a famous Filipino actor’s screen name.

Gian Asuncion

Backend Developer

Gian joined Annix as a Backend Developer in 2018. Before joining Annix, Gian’s impressive accomplishments included a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. He has also worked as a Web Developer since 2013.

When Gian isn’t working as a backend developer, you can find him riding his bike or reading a motivational book.

Glorianne Guyamin

Frontend Developer

In the early days of social media, Glorianne wanted to stand out with a customised Friendster profile, so she taught herself basic CSS and HTML. This sparked her career in web development. After completing a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Glorianne worked as a Full Stack Web Developer specialising in e-commerce and then as an Associate Software Engineer. Glorianne was thrilled to return to her first passion when she joined Annix as a Front End Developer over 3 years ago.

In Glorianne’s free time, you can find her rewatching her fave television shows and films. Glorianne also loves tending to her many plants or changing her hair colour. In this past year, Glorianne dyed her hair 11 times!