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Carlisle Homes builds homes of exceptional quality, surpassing customers’ expectations every step of the way. With over 18 years of experience building homes across Melbourne and Geelong, Carlisle Homes has cemented itself as a market leader in the industry.

Our partnership with Carlisle Homes began in December 2013. Throughout our collaboration, we have launched 3 different versions of their website. Each version included a new strategy, complete redesign, and website development.

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Digital strategy

Over the years Annix Digital has handled Carlisle Homes’ digital marketing needs. From SEO, Pay Per Click Advertising, Digital Strategy, and beyond. We have achieved enormous growth from their first site, building them up to be the 3rd most visited home building website in all of Australia. Through every site we launched for Carlisle Homes, we saw continued growth in market share.

Customer experience

Customer experience is a constant priority for Carlisle Homes. Through a lens of continuous development, empathy for the customer, and understanding of technology, we developed numerous digital products that help improve Carlisle Homes’ offerings. Our partnership even saw Annix staff working onsite in the Carlisle Homes office, which gave us a deeper understanding of how to help them achieve their long-term business objectives.

Easy Living quick quote tool

Carlisle Homes has enhanced the EasyLiving range with the introduction of the EasyLiving QuickQuote Tool, offering customers a streamlined four-step process for personalizing their homes and generating a quote for their dream home. Users first select structural options using an interactive floorplan for seamless envisioning. They then choose from Carlisle Homes' facades, personalize with color schemes, and explore promotional offers in the final step.

The EasyLiving QuickQuote Tool simplifies customization, allowing clients to capture selections in a PDF or save the configuration to their Carlisle Homes profile. This user-friendly approach transforms the complex task of building a dream home into an effortless journey, educating customers about customization intricacies and enhancing their overall home-building experience.

This personalized and interactive experience profoundly impacts customers, enabling them to deeply engage with their future homes and tailor the design to their tastes. The EasyLiving QuickQuote Tool exemplifies Carlisle Homes' commitment to exceptional value and contemporary design while ensuring a seamless, educational process for their valued customers.

House and Land package generator

Carlisle Homes, a leader in the home building industry, has redefined customer experience, becoming the go-to for exquisite homes in sought-after locations. Recognizing the challenges in the home building journey, they introduced a service simplifying the process, letting customers choose location, home design, and create their perfect package.

To enhance their customer experience, Carlisle Homes developed the Home and Land Package Generator. Focused on education and interaction, this tool guides customers through a seamless process, helping them specify requirements, set a budget, choose a design, and identify their desired land location.

The impact of the Home and Land Package Generator is substantial. Customers now navigate a more informed journey, gaining insights into their dream home's possibilities. Beyond streamlining the process, the tool provides customers with a comprehensive home and land package, complete with a transparent cost breakdown. Carlisle Homes continues to set the standard for customer-centricity, delivering not just homes but an enriched home-building experience.