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Quick overview

Annix worked with the Master Builders Association of Victoria to deliver a website for their ALink (Apprentice Link) program that helps young people looking to get a start in our industry and help them on their path to successful long-term careers. The brief was to design and develop a site that would add value to young apprentices and provide some useful (mobile friendly) tools they could use on a day to day basis.

Budget Calculators

Developed as a value add for young apprentices was a fully interactive, mobile friendly budget calculator that would allow apprentices to manage there ongoing budget allowing for a range of expenses such as transport, rent, electricity.
Budget Calculators

Useful widgets

A collection of useful widgets such as a client side javascript based calculator and conversion calculator were custom designed and coded to deliver a great experience across desktop and mobile devices. Also included was a weather widget and events calendar to provide useful information for apprentices as needed.
Useful widgets

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