Our Approach & Capabilities

At Annix, technical brilliance meets a strong design ethos. With e-commerce solutions that are powerful, persuasive, and memorable, we can help you master your market.

When we launched in 2011, we specialised in high-end web designs for clients largely in the home building space. Today we provide a complete suite of services that meets the full needs of high-performing digital retailers across several industries.

We delve deep into your business, gaining an understanding of your customers, competition, and industry. Our solutions help you leverage your unique value proposition to reel in the right people.

Today’s consumers demand increasingly memorable and differentiated experiences from every brand they interact with. With our creativity and branding, we’ll help you cut through the noise with e-commerce solutions that blend user experience with expert design.

Learn more about what’s in our wheelhouse below. Don’t forget to reach out to our team to have a chat about how we can help your business offer innovative solutions and deliver user experiences that catapult growth.

We approach all of our projects with a collaborative mindset and form a partnership with an eye on the future. When you engage with us, you gain valuable team members whose goals mirror your own.
- James Cotter, Director

What happens when you ask what if?



From startups to big corporations and everything in between, our experienced creative team knows how to support and cultivate creative direction. We deliver user experiences, digital designs, and creative products truly in a league of their own.

Digital Design


Print Design

User Experience

User Experience goes beyond great design. At Annix, we learn what your users want and need before doing anything else, resulting in experiences that are the whole package; beautiful to look at, intuitive to use and meeting users’ every need throughout their journey.

User flow


User Research

Information Architecture

Customer Experience

Long-term success is keeping the customer at the core of everything you do. We can help you create cycles of design and development, infused with customer feedback at every stage.

Audience Segementation

Value Proposition development

Experience mapping

Measurement strategy

Strategy & Planning

With our experience and expertise in unearthing insights to create informed and bespoke strategies, you'll get results to rave about. Our interdisciplinary team of business professionals and digital experts bring a collaborative approach to your customer journey, giving you key insights and a comprehensive strategy so that you can master your market.


SEO & Content

Data Analytics


Data & Technology

We take a data-backed approach to providing high-performing e-commerce solutions. Through detailed discovery processes, analytics, and user-experience audits, our e-commerce solutions come out of a deep understanding of your business, customers, and goals. This approach helps you move seamlessly from data to insight to action to outcome.

Data science

Data analysis framework

Research & insights

Diagnostic analytics


We craft powerful online stores for exceptional e-commerce experiences. Whether you need a simple solution, custom features, or anything in between; we can do it. Every solution is tailored to fit your unique business.

Custom web apps

Custom listing platforms

Customer experience & service design

CX ideation & delivery

Video Production

Merging our ability to construct compelling narratives with skills in video production, we will craft exceptional stories for your business. It’s a great way to make your business memorable and drive results.

Let us tell your story.

Script writing




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