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Quick overview

Stonewood Homes is one of New Zealand’s largest group home builders. With a franchise network throughout the country, they have built over 6,000 homes for families. Requiring an update and new functionality, we designed and developed a new website for Stonewood Homes.

Homepage Search

Encouraging users to interact immediately, we incorporated a custom built search functionality within the homepage of the site. Based on the home design filters, users can search their requirements and are then shown results relevant to them.
Homepage Search

Mega Menu & Sticky Menu

Enabling users to easily navigate throughout the site, we included a mega menu to signpost the main content areas. The mega menu transforms neatly into a sticky menu so that the user always has contact buttons and navigation options available.
Mega Menu & Sticky Menu

Custom Iconography

Throughout the design, we incorporated custom iconography. These icons help to strengthen the aesthetic appeal of the website as well as acting as visual aids that allow users to navigate more effectively and view key messaging.
Custom Iconography

Swetha Basu

Digital Marketing Specialist

We got Annix on-board to partner with us to re-invent our website for Stonewood Homes (one of the largest home builders in New Zealand). Annix has been extremely professional, timely and efficient in every aspect of the job. They showed complete ownership towards the product as if it was their own and ensured that we are the top of our game as well. They take great pride in their work and it shows in their approach and dealing. Thank you team for a great show!

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