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Quick overview

For over 3 years, we have worked with Latitude 37 to grow their digital presence and user-base. By monitoring site metrics and understanding the goals of the business on a regular basis, we are able to deliver the L37 brand as a leader in their custom home builder niche.

Website Refresh

Sometimes a website simply needs a new coat of paint. Due to existing good performance, budget considerations or tight time restrictions, this could be the best way forward for your site. With a customized CMS working in the background already, site metrics looking good and a tight deadline looming, Latitude 37 decided that a website refresh was the way to go. After we designed and reskinned the site, made back-end improvements and optimised for mobile, we saw better performance from the site.
Website Refresh

Mobile Optimisation

With a global majority of website users now using their mobile phone to view sites, we focused on the mobile user-experience when executing the website refresh. Conforming with the latest user-experience guidelines released by Google, we designed the mobile experience with full width layouts, increased padding and made tap targets larger help increase mobile conversions.
Mobile Optimisation


Within five months of the website refresh for L37, they've seen the following results

69% more site sessions
18.8% bounce rate reduction
127.2% more mobile conversions

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